The sculptural set was designed for the live performance of The Road Forward in the closing ceremonies of the Aboriginal Pavilion, during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. The production was inspired by the lives of our Aboriginal mother and fathers captured by street photographer Foncie Pulice on the downtown streets of Vancouver, The Road Forward galvanizes the political and social movement of BC’ s Aboriginal history and the rights fought by Aboriginal leaders that forged a movement where no will be left behind.

In a life-sized Aboriginal snow globe filled with images and voices raised in song, this nine-minute theatrical and filmic experience connects that tumultuous past with the rising vision of The Road Forward.

A Road Forward Set

Date: 2010

Client: Red Diva Productions

Dimensions: 5' 6” x 5' 6” x 10'

Materials: Baltic Birch, Maple, Plywood and Acrylic