The concept of Building our Futures was the initial inspiration for these studies in Architectural form. This is a new body of work for the artist and A Celebrated Place to Live is one of the first in the series.

The salmon designs at the base of Celebrated Place to Live signify prosperity. The Supernatural beings, the Thunderbird, the Sisuitl and the Sea Wolf are placed on the roofs of each story as a symbolic figure of protection. The elemental forces of the Sun, Moon and Wind are merged with the vertical elements of the structure. This Celebrated Place to Live is home to the mischievous Raven, the compassionate Bear and the powerful Killer Whale, found on the both sides. The iconography is used as a language to exemplify the energy housed in a Celebrated Place to Live.

Celebrated Place to Live

Date: 2010

Client: Artist’s Inventory

Approximate Overall Dimensions: 12” x 16” x 25”

Materials: Sapella, Beech and Black Walnut