The images on this drum comprise a personality sketch, inspired by someone who embodies determination. Hence the energy, focus and force of determination are the guiding concepts for the design.  The eagle that encompasses the other animals represents knowledge and leadership.  The centred sun has life-giving, healing properties, while the mischievous, curious seal balances the right with the protective strength of the bear.  The hummingbird hovers to the left of the eagle sharing her creative energies with the rest.

Made for an elementary school, this piece embodies the simple truth, inherent in many cultures, of balance, equality and opposing energy. Although this notion of duality is integral to the balance of the world, the colours add a playfulness that balances the seriousness.

Date: 2008

Client: Donated, Courtenay Youth Music Camp

Dimensions: 14”

Materials: Ink, deer hide, wood

Determination Drum

Date: 2002

Client: Haahuupayuk School (Port Alberni)

Dimensions: 12” Diameter

Materials: Acrylic on deer hide and wood

Yin Yang Drum