Fabric Wall Hangings

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Depicting two distinct personalities, A Marriage honours the joining of the two people who inspired the work. On one side are animals that express the qualities of one half of the union: the eagle is knowledgeable and protective of her children. The deer is traditionally introspective and very observant. The killer whale is a hunter/provider. Tying the two sides together, the killer whale is also featured in the other half of the work. Here it represents direction and movement, while the osprey is keen-sighted and fiercely protective of its nest. The big-horned sheep is agile, powerful and has strong footing, enabling it to manoeuvre through adversity.

Designed by Connie Watts & Created by Judy Farrow
Date: 2007

Client: Government client

Dimensions: 6’ x 3’ x 4”

Materials: Various Fabrics and Maple frame


Date: 1997

Client: Private collector

Dimensions: 72” x 48’ x 1”

Materials: Silk, acetate, acrylic and maple

A Marriage

Celebrating a Special Union was inspired by the engagement of the artist’s sister. Nestled inside an emotional moon, two salmon embody the feminine and the masculine. The blue background is both a realistic reference to the water, as well as providing a contemplative nature to counterbalance the fiery passions of the red.

Date: 1997

Client: Private collector

Dimensions: 22” x 36”

Materials: Silk, nylon and synthetic interfacing

Celebrating A Special Union