Ha! is a mystifying and fun piece that abstracts all the pieces in the New Moon ∙Full Moon series with a twist of humour and triumph.  Ha! is centred on two basic philosophical statements, which are representative of the series as a whole:

“Ha! Remember Play. Why? Think, Feel, See, Fly Free.” And “Ha! Remember Play. Why? Think, Feel, Smell, Be Sweet.”

It draws on the emotions, senses and curiosity of the observer.  Ha! teases your mind with the unusual; the windows allow you to see what’s in the drawer but the drawer doesn’t let you get at its contents as easily as the windows let you see it. The concept of Remember Play is reflected in the vibrant, bright accent colours.  Why? Is expressed in the complexities of the overall composition of the piece. Think and Feel are the materials. On one tower, Fly Free are the two bottom drawers, and the other tower displays Be Sweet. These phrases are desired states of being in life and are reflected by the rhythm of the piece: the stairs coming down, the interlocking of the two towers, and the playful feet it stands upon.


Date: 2005

Client: Private Client

Dimensions: 3’0” x 1’6” x 2’8”

Materials: Cherry, baltic birch and glass