Harmony was inspired by a very strong-willed, wise woman. The thought of harmony led to the harp-like composition. The knowledgeable eagle coupled with the observant introspective deer creates the framework for all to happen. The three vertical pieces hanging in the centre create the tone of each string. The wolf, bear and big-horned sheep create the lowest note. The dragonfly, butterfly and hummingbird lighten the second note, with the fast-moving water animals of the frog, beaver and salmon creating the highest note. The centred moon grounds all three notes. The base of the piece is given fluidity by the creatively charged hummingbird and the graceful beauty of the butterfly, with the abstracted split U-shapes creating graceful movement between the four corners.


Date: 2003

Client: Emily Carr University

Dimensions: 26" x 10" x 36"

Materials: Mahogany, Baltic birch, Aluminum