The singular anthropomorphic eagle figure is the focal point of the work, with a short story contained on the graphics on the red squares flanking either side of the figure. The story is about an intelligent beautiful female eagle’s quest to choose a mate. And since the female eagle is the one that chooses her mate, the suitors work to win her heart. There are two eagles that capture her attention: a long lean eagle and a powerful statuesque eagle. She is choosing between the two when an unexpected suitor, a wild dishevelled eagle, wins her heart. This work originated to capture the spirit of past myths, by embodying the life lessons and nurturing nature of the storytelling of the artist’s ancestors. There was a gentle kindness to the way that First Nations taught life lessons and a reflection of the equality between all living things.

Intelligent Beautiful Eagle

Date: 2004

Client: Private Client

Dimensions: 21" x 48" x 7”

Materials: Cedar, Stain, Paper, Acrylic, Mirror