Kathy was completed for the Emily Carr Aboriginal 1998 Alumni Show, “Here and Now, First Peoples Perspectives”.  Kathy is the artist’s younger sister and this is her portrait.  The composition includes thin tissue and heavier paper mounted on card, contrasting geometric forms, and different coloration on either side and it captures the intricacy of Kathy’s personality.  The animals and colours chosen are also indicators of her personality.  The thunderbird is the strong sense of right and wrong, the dolphin is the water thinker and encapsulates intuitive strengths, the hummingbirds are the creative energy, the moose embraces passive strength, and the moon is the embodiment of feminine traits.  The juxtaposed geometric shapes reflect the creative structured foundation which her personality stems from.


Date: 1999

Client: Private Client

Dimensions: 18" x 12" x 30"

Materials: Paper, Card, Acrylic