Quest for Knowledge reflects the act of learning and obtaining information. The world (the semicircle), contains the knowledgeable, undeterred eagle and the powerful, intuitive bear poised in an upward gazing stance, with their centre axis/foundation created by the brass sun, the aluminum moon and the cedar mountain. The work is capturing through the personality traits of these objects the act of the quest for knowledge. In a composed personality, the eagle forms the front man, the part of the personality that will go seek out an idea and share it with anyone who will listen, the bear is the self esteem and the quiet researcher that provides all the data and material to formulate well thought out ideas and concepts, the foundation of the symbolic mountain creates the strong platform to springboard off of, and the dual forces of the sun and moon provide the energy and continually renewing and changing environment. The work hangs in the front entrance of the College.

Quest for Knowledge

Date: 2002

Client: North Island College (Port Alberni)

Dimensions: 5' x 3’ x 9”

Material: Maple, Baltic birch, Cedar, Brass, and Aluminium