Stability of Growth embraces the energies in the moment in which a healthy tree lays dormant, similar to the way in which a strong family never ceases to grow and develop but in itself embodies the stability of a tree. The artwork is composed of seven rectangular containers that are mounted to create a geometric abstracted tree.

It is reflective of the clients’ personalities and each box is an expression of their personalities or a combination of the two. The killer whales encompass the powerful force of the ocean and share it with the salmon in the rivers.  After the wolves embraced the Sun's ancient wisdom & life-giving strength, they continue to protect her, and called to their friends, the frogs to help share this ancient wisdom.  As the bears absorbed and caressed the inner energies of the mystical moon they looked to the hard-working crabs to exemplify this creative energy.  The ravens were lavished in the mystical forces of the uniting sun and moon, and they immersed the clustering sea urchin in this harmonizing energy.  As the deer filled with the utter beauty of nature, they shone this exquisiteness onto the butterflies and moon to share the internal splendour with everyone.  The great thunderbirds encapsulate the immense stationary strength of the mountain and delicately placed it within the dragonfly and the wind to move it through the world.  The eagles merged with the powerful wind and the intense creative force came through the sun to the energetic hummingbirds.

Stability of Growth

Date: 2005

Client: Private client

Approximate Dimensions: 20’ x 12’ x 1’ (varies with installation)

Materials: Cedar, Baltic birch, Glass