Vereinigung brings together past and present, humans and animals, space and body, real and abstract.  The marriage of the traditional Northwest Coast form to a contemporary material and method creates a unity of the past to present.  The harmony between humans and animals is formed by the placement of the human figures inside the large animal figures.  The bear houses two women; the wolf has a man, a woman and a child; and the raven holds one woman.  Striving towards balance and harmony in this chaotic world is the First Nations’ way.

What's in the name?  Vereinigung means unification in German. The word reflects the unity and respect the First Nations had for the life around us.  It also represents the artist’s absence of her native tongue due to the neglect of indigenous languages in the schooling system, and her background in the languages of German and French.


Date: 2008

Client: Harborview Medical Centre, Seattle

Overall Dimensions: 14' x 18' x 10'

Materials: Birch Plywood and Maple Doweling