The doors were designed to embrace the numerous regional characteristics in the province. First Nations have historically used animals and elements to represent their family through family crests. The artist has used this concept as a foundation to extend the strong personalities of all of the animals to represent all who live in our communities. The Northwest Coast designed animals also symbolize the First Nations' ability to give harmonious balance, respect and equality to their surroundings and all life forms. The doors are designed to be inclusive to all so that everyone will find a personal connection to the door designs. When Connie attends potlatches she feels she has a great affinity to the multitude of family crests and the incredible beauty of the button blankets. The potency of the potlatches has always instilled in her a great amount of pride. She hopes these door designs instil that sense of pride to all who view them.

Connie uses the animals to portray certain traits: Blue Heron, Reflective Enchantment; Eclipse, Transformation; Cougar, Dexterity; Seal, Play; Moose, Silent Strength; Dragonfly, Magical Powers; Owl, Wisdom; Otter, Facilitator; Eagle, Earnest Knowledgeable; Moon, Female Prowess; Deer, Compassion; Salmon, Bountiful; Raven, Intelligent Trickster; Butterfly, Graceful Beauty; Bear, Protective Strength; Beaver, Endurance; Hawk, Sky Hunter; Sun, Life-Giving; Mountain Goat, Family; Frogs, Communication; Thunderbird, Creative Force; Wolf, Fierce Provider; Hummingbird, Creative Energy; Killer Whale, Persuasive Power.

BC Regions

Date: 2007
Client: Government client

Dimensions: 30" x 7" x 6"

Materials: Wood, glass and vinyl