Inset into each lengthwise side of the table are two contrasting but balancing philosophies. The complete dichotomous set is mirrored on both sides of the table.

One half represents the artistic, feminine and internal. These ideas find expression in the creatively charged hummingbird, the changing wind, the beautiful butterfly, the introspective deer, the salmon of plenty, the facilitating sea otter, the protective bear, the wise raven, the feminine moon and the creative and strong thunderbird. Beside it are images representing the external, business, and production. The animals that embody these qualities are the knowledgeable eagle, the hard-working bumble bee, the clever but directed fox, the industrious beaver, the multi-directional octopus, the hunting/protecting killer whale and wolf, the cerebral sun, the magic-like dragonfly and the keen-sighted hawk.

In Balancing Equilibrium, the outward world balances the family, and different energies balance each other in the world, such as business, arts, etc. At either end of the upper side of the table, the individual animals represent different strengths, with all four forming a team in the centre. The upper panel represents the outward-facing aspects, while the interior panels reflect on the internal family.

The artwork portrays an original human creation story by the artist, featuring a family composed of a father bear, a mother killer whale, and their children the raven and the wolf.

Balancing Equilibrium

Date: 2005

Client: Private collector (Port Alberni)

Dimensions: 13’ x 6’ x 30”

Materials: Birdseye Maple, Black walnut, Mahogany, Baltic birch, Glass