The Bear Chair is an intermingling of the historical grandeur of the Northwest Coast people with the newly developed sheeted materials of present.  The artist uses the concept of the beautifully carved “throne” style chairs of the longhouses for the basis of the form. She reworks the idea of storytelling carved images into the contemporary formlines of design to tell the story of the great presence and strength of the bear.

The blue, red and natural wood colour are left in complete contrast and play off the idea of the ‘allowed’ traditional colours contained in the layers of the past Northwest Coast carvings.  The bear signifies and encompasses the traits of strength and safeguard.  His design and form uses the soft red upholstered accents and plays off of the curvilinear lines of the steel, to bring him to life.

Bear Chair

Date: 2001

Client: Private client

Dimensions: 48” x 32” x 36”

Materials: Stainless steel, Baltic birch and Wool fabric