The meeting of two people at the start of a friendship involves a complex interaction of personalities. This intersection is represented here in Crossroads through the use of materials and imagery to reflect the warm interplay of human experience. The mahogany’s warm glow plays with the copper’s rich tones, as well as copper’s traditional Westcoast First Nations role as a familial sign of wealth and prosperity. The hummingbird buzzes with the creative energy that happens when two beings discover each other and build on each other’s ideas and strengths. Traditionally the eagle and raven are opposite clans, representing two contrasting and equal sides of humankind. The raven’s wisdom and playful nature counterbalance the eagle’s intellect and solemnity. Where two personalities intersect is an exciting crossroad.


Date: 2000

Client: Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Association

Dimensions: 52” x 30” x 16”

Materials: Baltic birch, mahogany, copper and glass