In acknowledgment of traditional Westcoast First Nations concepts, the artist has given the table its personality, Curiosity, by depicting animals and symbols that encompass this trait. Watts is often inspired by the personalities of others; here the muses for the artwork are students of the world with a strong foundation in education.

Reflecting the personalities of the people who inspired this work, there are many layers of meaning within the design and structure of the table. The sun and moon designs balance male and female energies, while the curves are embracing, seeking not only to extend outwards to but to envelop the world and internalize its knowledge. The spirit of inquiry finds expression in the animals depicted. The hummingbirds have a constantly inquisitive nature; they are charged with curious energy, always searching for potential nectar. Paired with the sun and facing upwards, the hummingbird is outward facing and external; paired with the moon and facing downwards it is inward facing and internal. The moon is shown in various phases, completing a cycle.

The seals are also curious, and their nature is to investigate, questioning any unknown boaters or unattended nets. Quick and clever, they disappear as quickly as they appear. Placed in the centre of the table, the seals are the grounding force between the curves and the sun and moon; with their curiosity and intellect they embody and embrace the knowledge that is the result of their explorations.

Beneath the layers is a reflective surface for attraction and intrigue, and the seeing eye counterbalances the feeling animals.


Date: 2002

Client: Private Collectors (Portland, Vancouver and Seattle); Artist’s inventory

Edition size: 6

Dimensions: 30” x 54” x 16”

Materials: Mahogany, Aluminium, Alder, & Baltic birch