Drawing on her background education in interior design, her artistic expression, and her First Nations heritage, Connie Watts designed these offices for her client with specific goals in mind.

The concept for this interior is a warm and inviting environment that honours the past and looks to the future. Several convergences exist between the function of this space and First Nations values: namely, family, children, protection and safety. Traditionally in Westcoast First Nations cultures, everything around us has life and should be honoured through the use of art, materials, lighting, etc., and that tradition is honoured here. The high usage of the space demands durable materials. The use of windows and the placement of offices is designed to produce a collaborative space for the staff, and the public and shared spaces are open and central. The reception area welcomes people with its warm colours and intimate lighting; it is an open plan which can be expansive or enclosed for a more intimate environment. The steel-case furniture is modular to enable alteration to suit changing needs. All elements of the placement and nature of the space and materials are carefully selected to heighten the warmth, acceptance and supportive energy that is essential to the work being performed in this office.


Executive Offices

Date: 2007

Client: Government