Floor Designs

Designed to reflect the clients who inspired the work, this piece was created for a private rink. Its central images are the eagle with a bear and the eagle with a killer whale. Both the bear and killer whale are hunters; they are equally matched in intellect but different in their approach. Bears are straightforward and fierce, while a killer whale is stealthy and powerful. The double eagles’ presence here represent the defence to the hunters’ offence. The spirit of friendly and skilful competition is a prime setting for the face-offs that will happen on the ice.

The Winds of Change design emerged from a story that the artist wrote to reflect the challenges faced by the client and their great desire to provide guardianship, resources and resolution for the many people in their care. The design centres on the life-giving sun's rays. The rays are composed of transforming butterflies to reinforce the motion of change. The outer animals serve as symbols of both protection and strength in momentum – they create the space for change to take place, and each of the animals adds their strength to ensure direction. The eagle brings pride and knowledge, the bear gives protection and strength, the killer whale has powerful momentum, and the wolf, with his hunting prowess, adds directed intent. With the momentum of the four directions reinforced by the strength of the animals, positive energies emanate.

Date: 2002
Client: Private client

Centre Ice Design

Date: 2007
Client: Government

Winds of Change

Each stair represents a different domain. At the bottom, under the sea are the killer whale as hunter/provider, the salmon as a symbol of abundance and plenty, and the inquisitive and clever seals. Of the river are the diligent beaver, the frog representing communication and the goose symbolizing faithfulness and family. Creatures of the night are the intelligent mischievous raven, and the powerful protective bear under the creative emotional moon. Of the land are the wolf embodying loyalty and wit, the eagle with his knowledge, earnestness and pride; they appear with a mountain of rock and earth, the ground itself rising up in strength and gravity. Sitting at the top the flight are creatures of the sky: the hummingbird thrumming with creative energy, the thunderbird, powerful and creative, and the sun providing direction, light and logic.

The five domains and all they contain are a microcosm, as the home is the whole universe for the family who inhabit it. The family itself contains the complete spectrum of humanity, neither grander nor smaller than the nature of humanity as a whole.

Residential Stairs

Date: 2003
Client: Private client

Materials: Yellow Oak and Stain