The boardroom table can be a hub for many executive decisions that can build a strong business. Created as a manifestation of a family home, this table is balanced in many different directions. The members of the family each occupy a corner of the table, and the images that comprise the portraits both function to express the qualities of the individual and also to counterpoint each of the other quadrants. The loyal hunter/protector wolf contains the direct and logical sun, the swift effective hunting cougar and the hummingbird thrumming with creative energy. The bear balances the wolf as the other head of the group, and its fierce protective power also contains the feminine moon, the clever raven and the communicative frog. The eagle stands as a pillar of knowledge, and contains the diligent beaver, flowing water and salmon, symbol of plenitude. The powerful thunderbird encloses the strong hunting killer whale, the beauteous butterfly and changeable wind. The moon and sun counterbalance each other, as do the wind and water. Killer whale and salmon are binary energies, comprising both halves of a sustenance cycle. The frog, with its amphibious understanding sits in counterpoint to the hummingbird’s kinetic air energy. The raven is playful where the cougar is full of lean purpose. Combined and engaging with each other in a delicate balancing act, each of the dichotomies crisscross to form a unifying force of home and family.  The energies produced by this particular family serve as a grounding force to all visitors who gather at this fulcrum table; the strength of this core provides a solid base upon which to build healthy business interactions. Anchoring the centre is the Sisiutl, a powerful symbol of protection.

Interlacing Energies

Date: 2004

Client: Coulson Group of Companies

Dimensions: 12’ x 6’ x 30”

Materials: Red cedar, Cerrotru alloy, aluminum, low-voltage lighting