In traditional Westcoast First Nations cultures, the front entrance was where inhabitants established the lineage, history, and story of the family.  The strongest in character, the most compassionate, and the wisest families (“Chieftainship”) were given the most ornate representation of their family.  Three traditional practices (entrance, the watchmen, and family crests) are realised here through layering to create a strong visual statement. The watchmen have been abstracted by creating three vertical components.  In this contemporary interpretation of a traditional crest, the heads of the family are represented by a sun, an eagle, a killer whale, a frog, a bear, a moon, a hummingbird, deer and salmon. Through these symbols, each animal brings its own qualities, and together a strong family is represented.

The Guards

Date: 2003
Client: Private client

Dimensions: 6" x 9" x 6"

Materials: Wood and Brushed Stainless Steel