The Wolf Table and the Bear Chair were among the first artistic works the artist conceived; formerly an Interior Designer, Watts graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1991.  After a major car accident her career was redirected into the Fine Arts, where she had to open up her thinking beyond functionality and themes.  Thus she began to explore the Northwest Coast cultural concepts of surroundings and blend them with fine art theories and contemporary materials. Her successful fusion of art and function produced works which fit into a modern lifestyle while infusing it with the ideas, philosophy and beauty of traditional Northwest Coast artistic expressions.

The wolf is traditionally a hunter/protector, known for its fierce loyalty. Faces are sometimes included to add dimension to the animal; here the female form provides balance to the male vitality of the wolf.

Wolf Table

Date: 2002

Client: Private collector

Dimensions: 50” x 26” x 16”

Materials: Baltic birch, stainless steel and glass