All My Relations

All My Relations was a four-part pilot series. It was a magazine format series to capture contemporary Aboriginal everyday life from across Canada. The animated segment was the opening to the show.

The introduction begins with objects emerging from the mist. The symbolic centrally-located four-direction circle video footage moves from the Past to the Present: out of the fog with the petroglyphs to the present day celebrations of the Canadian First Nations People.  The yellow, green and blue sections contain imagery moving from the eastern section of Canada to the Northern to the Western and finishes in the Central region of Canada.  For each of the geographical regions there are different categories of images in each of the colour zones: in the blue top section black and white images of the artwork; in the green middle area landscape photos; and in the yellow section images of the people. The overall opening is meant to capture the essence of the stories to be told in the program that follows.

Date: 1997

Client: CBC/Greg Coyes

Format: 3D Computer Animation