The Witness is a non-living observer who creates a window for us to experience the birth and destruction of the Northwest Coast stylized animals.  The survival of our art is representative of the survival of our culture.  In the first scene a circular gelatinous shape is home for all the creatures.  The creatures are of similar gelatinous material.  It is self-illuminated – the parallel of our inner awareness.  The falling metal spheres destroy this tranquil setting.  In the second scene the gelatine fall to an unknown surface.  The surface is shaped similar to a bowl, causing the gelatine to curve up and fall in.  It encloses the witness in this new environment.  This environment is the way we see nature today.  The animals gain their form back by breathing in the earth, water and air.  It is peaceful and harmonious.  The third scene bisects this beautiful setting with walls of 'concrete'.  Once again these animals are destroyed.  They survive, but only in segmented separated parts.  This only lasts but a moment before, in the fourth scene, a caustic paste-like material begins to fall from the sky, burying everything and hardening to a solid surface.  But once again the metal cutting animals and abstracted environment break through this barrier.  They seem free and content.  From the sky in the fifth scene, rectangular blocks slam down into the ground, destroying everything in their path.  Finally the animals and environment transform into a spirit-like being.  They emerge from the solid block to float up into the sky, forming their own environment.  It is similar to the shape in the beginning but this shape cannot be contained, nor can it be destroyed.


Date: 2001

Format: 3D Computer Animation